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Former real madrid president 76 dies of coronavirus

Lorenzo Sanz, Real’s president from 1995 to 2000, had been admitted to hospital with a fever and tested positive for the virus.

His other son Fernando Sanz, who played for Real during his father’s spell as president, confirmed his death on Twitter. He wrote: “My father just passed away. He did not deserve this ending and this way. One of the kindest, bravest, and (most) hardworking people I have ever seen is leaving. His family and Real Madrid were his passion. My mother and my brothers have enjoyed all their moments with pride.”

According to Ferando, his father had refused to go to hospital until his condition deteriorated.Earlier this week he had been admitted to hospital but the family were unsure at that stage whether he had the disease.

Real Madrid released a statement shortly after his death,sending their condolences to his wife Mari Luz,their children Lorenzo Francisco, Fernando,Maria Luz (Malula) and Diana and their family and friends. Real added: “Today, Real Madrid is mourning the loss of a president who dedicated a large part of his life to his great passion. Given the current circumstances, Real Madrid will pay him the recognition he deserves as soon as possible.”


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