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HIV vaccine trial ends in dissapointment

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) which sponsored the HIV vaccine trial in South Africa announced the end of the trial on Monday, after the vaccine was found to be ineffective in preventing HIV,the virus that causes AIDS.

” A HIV vaccine is essential to end the global pandemic,and we hoped this vaccine candidate would work. Regrettably,it does not. Research continues on other approaches to a safe and effective HIV vaccine.” Dr Anthony Fauci,director of the NIAID, said in a written statement on Monday.

The vaccine trial,HVTN 702 or Uhambo began in 2016 and enrolled 54007 HIV-negative volunteers,sexually active men and women between the age of 18 to 35, at 14 sites across South Africa. They were randomly assigned to either receive the vaccine or placebo injections. However, analysis of the study showed no significant difference in HIV infections among those in the vaccine group and those in the placebo group as 129 HIV infections occurred among the vaccine recipients and 123 in the latter making the trial unsuccessful.

This trial was not the only investigation made on an attempt to prevent HIV.  The National institutes of health have investigated other two vaccine trials;HPX3002/HVTN 706 or Masaico used to access an investigational vaccine regime designed to induce immune responses against a variety of global HIV strains safely and prevent HIV acquisition among gay men and transgenders and HPX2008/HVTN 705 or Imbokodo,a complimentary study in women.


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