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A 6.4 magnitude earth quake hits Puerto Rico

A day after a 5.8 magnitude shook the island, Puerto Rico got hit yet again with a 6.4 magnitude earthquake and several other strong tremors on Tuesday morning.

The quake struck at 4.24 a.m. local time ,centered just off Puerto Rico’s southern coast about 6 miles south of Indios town. Several other quakes followed, including a magnitude 6.0 temblor striking just south of Indios at 7.18 a.m. local time.

According to the Mayor, Mayita Meléndez , eight people were injured in the city of Ponce, near the epicenter of the quake .  A tsunami alert was issued for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands after the initial quake, but was later canceled after the United States National Tsunami Warning Center said there was no related tsunami threat.

Power outages and damage to homes and buildings were reported near the island’s southern coast, though the extent wasn’t immediately clear. Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority reported widespread outages across the island after its power plants activated an auto protective mechanism following the earthquake.


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