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Milwaukee Officer Shooter – Jordan P. Fricke Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Sister, Family, Arrest, Charges, Matthew Rittner

Jordan P. Fricke accused of killing a police officer (Matthew Rittner) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jordan P. Fricke Bio, Wiki

Jordan P. Fricke was born in 1992. He is accused of shooting and killing a police officer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The shooting happened on February 6th, 2019, as the officers were carrying out a search warrant. Fricke began firing at the officer when they arrived.

Jordan P. Fricke Age

Fricke was born in 1992, he is 26 years old.

Jordan P. Fricke Kills Officer Matthew Rittner

The officer killed by Fricke was Matthew Rittner, he was 35 years old and was about to celebrate his 36th birthday. Rittner was rushed to Froedtert Hospital after the shooting and later on pronounced dead. He has been in the force for 17 years. Officer Rittner was married to his wife Caroline on September 16th, 2017,  The couple had one son.

According to the police chief, Officer Rittner was a Marine Corps veteran and served three tours in the Middle East. He joined the police force in 2001 and had been on the Tactical Enforcement Unit for a decade. He was awarded the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor in 2016.

Jordan P. Fricke Arrest

The Milwaukee Police Department’s Tactical Enforcement Unit arrived at about 9:17 a.m. on February 6th  at his home on South 12th Street to conduct a search warrant. The officers were at his home to search for illegal weapons and drugs. Jordan Fricke was accused of selling the contraband items. At police arrival, Fricke began to fire gunshots.

Posted by Milwaukee Police Department on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Fricke was then arrested “without incident.” Chief Morales credited his officers for showing “tremendous restraint during the suspect’s apprehension.”

Jordan Fricke has not yet been formally charged in the shooting death of Officer Rittner. The case will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in the coming days, according to the police department.

Jordan P. Fricke Past Life

Fricke does have a violent criminal history as an adult. But he have arrested twice in Milwaukee while underage. According to records with the Wisconsin Circuit Court,In 2014 Fricke charged with driving under the influence. In 2010, he was also charged with underage possession of alcohol. Fricke entered a no contest plea in both cases.

Jordan P. Fricke Parents

Fricke lost his mother when he  was young. His father, who is also deceased, reportedly spent years behind bars and was not in Fricke’s life.

Jordan P. Fricke Family

Jordan Fricke lived with his grandmother and his sister Jazmin Fricke  in the neighborhood. His brother, Josh, was run over by a car in 2015 and died. Jazmin Fricke was suprised to hear that her brother was accused of killing a police officer. “I want to know what happened. Why did he do it? Just everything I don’t know… He doesn’t get into trouble at all.She told the TV station.




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