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President Trump asks Syria to release Austin Tice

Austin disappeared Aug 13th 2012 while covering the civil war in Syria

Houston Native and Journalist Austin Tice disappeared in 2012. He was a former marine who put law school on hold to pursue a career in free lance journalism.Before vanishing in Damascus he had been covering the civil war in Syria. One of his last messages was on August 11 2012 and it was to a friend.”I’m outside Damascus. The government is jamming the internet for most of the day.Today’s my birthday.I had a pool party with the (rebels).No joke.”

A few days later a video surfaced online showing Austin surrounded by anonymous captors but the video did little to shed light on his whereabouts or his condition.

Since his disappearance, his family has worked nonstop to find him. Austin’s parents Debra and Marc have been trying hard to free their son, appearing on programs like CBS This Morning to plead their case for his safe return, and even traveling  to the Middle East as well.

In 2019,several business in the country came together to raise money with hopes of bringing him home by donating part of their days proceeds.The money from “Night out for Austin” would be added to the FBIs $1.M reward for information that would lead to his face return.

On Thursday,March 19, during a live coronavirus task force press conference, President Donald Trump mentioned the missing Tice,  “I want to let everyone know that recovering Americans held captive and imprisoned abroad continues to be a top priority for my administration. We have one young gentleman, Austin Tice, and we’re working very hard with Syria to get him out. We hope the Syrian government will do that, we’re counting on them to do that. We have written a letter just recently  because he’s been there a long time, he was captured long ago.”

“Austin Tice, his mother’s probably watching and she’s a great lady and we’re doing the best we can, so, Syria, please work with us and we would appreciate you letting him out. If you think about what we’ve done, we’ve gotten rid of the ISIS caliphate in Syria, we’ve done a lot for Syria. We have to see if they’re going to do this, so it would be very appreciated if they let Austin Tice out immediately.”

Trump later responded to a journalist’s follow-up question, clarifying that he was not confirming that Tice is alive, but that if he is, his administration is working to bring him home.


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