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Somalis protest against Al-shabab

Al-shabab apologizes following protests

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Mogadishu on Thursday, in a rare show of defiance against Al-Shabaab, the Somali jihadist group who have terrorized the country for nearly a decade, following the bombing on 28th of December that left around 90 people dead and dozens injured.

Protests against the militia group are uncommon due to the fear of being attacked. In the past Somalis have protested silently instead,by wearing red bandanas to symbolize bloodshed.

The demonstrations were sparked by a television broadcast where the grouped explained why they carried out the attack. The group said that they were targeting Turkish and foreign forces and that the number of Somalis affected had been highly exaggerated.

Many Somalis were so outraged by the justifications that Al-shabab issued an apology.

The marches were organised by the city’s administration as a sign of resistance. Major roads were closed and hundreds took to the streets. Most of the protests were peaceful. However ,some turned ugly as some protestants resulted to looting shops and damaging public property


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