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Zoe Buhler (Pregnant Victoria Woman Organised a Protest) Bio, Wiki, Age, Arrest & Charges

Pregnant mum livestreams arrest 'after planning lockdown protest' on Facebook

Zoe Buhler Bio, Wiki

Zoe Buhler is a 28-year-old pregnant Victorian woman who has been arrested after she allegedly organised a protest event for Saturday, August 30th that breaches the government’s coronavirus restrictions. She was handcuffed and hauled away by cops in front of her children for planning a lockdown protest online, according to video footage and a report.

Zoe Buhler Age

She is currently 28 years old.

Zoe Buhler Arrest & Charges

Police arrested Zoe Buhler for incitement at her home near Melbourne after she created a “Freedom Day” protest event on Facebook and urged people to come, according to the  Guardian.

“I have no idea why you guys are doing this,” the distressed mother can be heard telling officers in a Facebook Live video. “My two kids are here. I have an ultrasound in an hour. I’m happy to delete the post.”

As a Victoria police officer slapped cuffs on her, she insisted she hadn’t broken a law. “I don’t really understand what I’ve done wrong. This is ridiculous,” she can be heard saying.

One of the officers snaps back, “Actually you are — that’s why we’re arresting you.”


Zoe Buhler Boyfriend

Buhler is in a relationship with James Timmins. Her boyfriend offered to delete the Facebook post, saying, “How about she just doesn’t do the event? It’s not like she’s done it, she made a post. It’s unclear how many people RSVP’D to the Ballarat event or the other Victorian event planned for Melbourne CBD as the event’s post has since been removed

Victoria Police Statement

“Victoria Police is aware of a prohibited gathering which is planned for Ballarat on Saturday,” Victoria Police told Yahoo News Australia in an emailed statement.

“Any gathering of this nature is in blatant breach of the Chief Health Officer’s directions and puts Victorian lives at risk.”

Under government Stage 3 restrictions for regional Victoria, people are only allowed to gather outdoors with only one other person from their household.

In Melbourne Metro areas residents are in lockdown and must stay home unless they are leaving for shopping for food and essential items, medical care or caregiving, exercise, and permitted work if you can’t work or study from home.


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