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Bar Rafaeli sentenced for tax evasion

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli has been sentenced to 9 months of community service while her mother and agent Tzipi was sentenced to 16-months in prison for tax evasion .Tzipi will go to jail on September 21, and Bar will report on the same day for service work.

Rafaeli and her mother were accused of evading paying tax on around $7.2 million in earnings by lying about where the supermodel lived. Prosecutors argued that Refaeli’s mother aided her daughter and helped blur her residency status by leasing her luxury homes in Israel.

According to her attorneys,Rafaeli  did not have to pay Israeli taxes on her income between 2009 and 2012 because she was living overseas in the US, and DiCaprio’s home was her residence.

Under a plea bargain accepted by prosecutors, the two will have to pay any outstanding taxes that the tax authorities determine are due in addition to a  $1.4 million fine. The agreement aims to settle all criminal and civil charges against the supermodel, who will withdraw her tax appeals filed with the Israeli Supreme Court and the Tel Aviv District Court.



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