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Fans demand justice for Johnny Depp.

As more reports come to light, fans are convinced that Johnny Depp may actually be the victim of domestic violence during his marriage with Amber Heard,and not the other way round. In an audio tape released by the daily mail, Heard admits to hitting Depp and throwing pots and pans at him.

“I’m sorry i didn’t uh,uh,hit you across the face in a proper slap,but i was hitting you,not punching you. Babe,you’re not punched.” Heard tells Depp in the audio.”I do’nt know what the motion of my hand was,but you’re fine.I was hitting you.”

As Depp  protests this treatment claiming that it amounted to a violent punch, Heard begins to taunt him. “You’re such a baby.Grow the f**ck up Johnny. You poke an animal enough,it is eventually,it doesn’t matter how friendly it it,its not cool”.

“I left last night. Honestly,i swear to you because i just couldn’t take the idea of more physical abuse on each other,” Depp tells her. “Because had we continued,it would have gotten f**cking bad.And baby,i told you this once. I’m scared to death,we are a f**cking crime scene right now.”

Heard then proceeds to tell him:”I cant promise you i wont get physical again.God,i f**cking sometimes get so mad i loose it.”

According to the daily report,the audio is from a reliable source.and it was recorded on Heard’s phone during an informal therapy session.Allegedly, several more tapes exist, each containing confessions from Heard.

Johnny Depp filed a $50.M defamation suit tied to Heard’s op-ed piece about being a domestic violence survivor that led to him being fired from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Amber and Johnny were married in February 2015 and she filed for divorce in May 2016,obtaining a temporary restraining order against him,alleging he had been physically and verbally abusing her during the relationship.Often while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

She testified about the alleged abuse during a divorce deposition and once the divorce was finalized, they issued a statement: “Our relationship was intensely passionate and at times violent but always bound by love.Neither party has made false accusations for financial gain. There was never any intent of physical or emotional harm.”

Since then there has been continued back and forth accusations from both parties. Depp’s defamation case was filed in 2019. Officials in Fairfax  County ,Virginia granted a six month postponement of the start of jury due to Depp’s team reportedly not meeting the deadline to produce court-ordered records on his drug and alcohol usage.So the trial is set to start on August 3,2020 instead of the initial date, February 3,2020.


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