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Latin Trap’s Gay pioneer, Kevin Fret Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Worth, Shot Dead, Aggravated Battery

Kevin Fret Wiki

Kevin Fret Bio

Kevin Fret was a Latin Trap’s first openly gay pioneer who was shot dead while riding on a Motorcycle on Thursday, 10th January 2019.
Age 25 years old as at the time of his death
Died Died on Thursday, morning, 10th January 2019
Nationality Puerto Rican
Music Style Latin trap, a style similar to the mainstream trap which details “‘la calle,’ or the streets — hustling, sex, and drugs”

Kevin Fret Gay

In an interview with Paper Magazine in 2018, Fret disclosed about being gay and wanted to be sure that everyone knew that their opinions of his sexuality didn’t matter to him.

“I’m a person that doesn’t care what anybody has to say. [Now I see] young gay guys or young lesbians that are looking at me now like a role model, like wow, if he did it, and he doesn’t care what anybody else has to say, I can do it.” Fret said to the publication.

He further talked about his intention of releasing his first video and how he wanted people to see him.

“I had everything in my mind, like the day I come out [in Latin trap] as a gay guy. I’m going to make my first video, and I’m going to be showing my stomach, and I’m going to act like I don’t give a damn about what anybody has to say — with my blonde hair, my black nails, showing my stomach, glittery from head to toe,” he explained.

Kevin Fret Aggravated Battery

Fret was arrested in Miami, Florida in June 2018, on an aggravated battery charge after a fight broke out in an elevator at a Brickell Heights condo building. He was accused of throwing a bottle at another man’s head, causing a laceration.

According to a report by NBC Miami, Fret was involved in a verbal dispute with another man, and as the man tried to run away, Fret threw a metal bottle at his head, which caused a small laceration. He was released on $1,500 bond.

Kevin Fret Shot Dead in Puerto Rico

Fret was riding a motorcycle when he was shot 8 times on Eduardo Conde Avenue Santurce (Avenida Eduardo Conde San Juan, Puerto Rico) in the early morning hours of Thursday, 10th January 2019. He was rushed to the Medical Center in Río Piedras where he was pronounced dead.


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