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Africans being evicted from their homes in China

Hundreds of African residents and businessmen in Guangzhou, China, were evicted from their homes and hotels over coronavirus worries and claims that they were importing the virus into the country.The health authorities had called out for a testing campaign for coronavirus and this is what caused the evictions.

Despite the virus originating from China,Africans were considered more infectious by the Chinese evicting them from their homes.

The residents complained that they had paid rent but had spent their night outside while some complained that they were forced to self-quarantine yet they were not given the results of their test. A businessman complained that he was forced to stay outside awaiting his test results which were still not out even after 24 hours.

Foreigners and particularly black people are currently not allowed to access public places including malls hospitals and hotels. The Chinese officials also rejected the claims that there are ongoing lockdowns in the areas occupied by Africans to prevent the spreading of the virus.

For many years Guangzhou has been a place of trade for Africans and its a shame that many they have to go through this kind of humiliation.Evicted foreigners are calling on the African union and the  UN to intervene to stop the ongoing evictions




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