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China’s travel restrictions following coronovirus outbreak

Following the coronovirus outbreak, china has extended its public transport shutdown to 12 cities affecting more than 35.M people, in an effort to control the spread of the deadly virus. As of now, the death toll has risen to 26 and the number of infected people a whooping 881.

Authorities in Wuhan and 11 neighboring cities in Hubei Province have closed train and bus connections and other public transport. Private vehicles are also being prevented from leaving Wuhan.This restrictions could be extended to two more cities by Friday evening, bringing the number of those affected to 43.M.

Various major public events have been cancelled in other parts of the country,including all public Lunar New Year celebrations,an international carnival and the annual football tournament  in Hong Kong. Shanghai’s Disney resort also announced its closure until  further notice.

The government has also  ordered travel agencies to suspend sales of domestic and international package tours.

Hospitals at the epicenter of the outbreak struggle to handle a surge in new patients,however, a new hospital dedicated to the virus is under construction on the outskirts of the Hubei capital and is due to be completed and in use by February 3.


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