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Wuhan bans eating of wild animals

The local administration in Wuhan,the city that recorded the first cases of coronavirus ,announced Wednesday the ban on the eating and hunting of all wild animals within its limits with the exception of government sanctioned hunting for “scientific research, population regulation, monitoring of epidemic diseases and other special circumstance” and farmers are being offered money to quit breeding exotic animals.

For instance Hunan has already set out a compensation scheme to persuade breeders to rear other livestock or produce tea and herbal medicine.Although their plans should be emulated across the country,HSI China policy specialist,Peter Li,cautions that their proposals leave room for farmers to continue breeding exotic creatures provided its not for consumption. Also,its plan does not include many wild animals bred for fur traditional Chinese medicine or entertainment.

In neighboring Jiangxi province,that has more than 2300 licensed breeders,mostly rearing wild animals for food,and a stock worth about 1.6 billion yuan ($225 million) according to a report from the state run Jiangxi Daily Newspaper,the local authority has released plans to help farmers dispose of animals as well as financial aid.

Hunan and Jiangxi are major breeding provinces,with revenues from breeding reaching 10 billion yuan in 2018 alone.




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