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3.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Monmouth County, New Jersey

A 3.1 magnitude earthquake was felt in New Jersey early Wednesday at 2 a.m.The quake lasted about 13 seconds and no damages or injuries were reported

The National Weather Service’s Mount Holly office tweeted that the small earthquake was felt “in much of central New Jersey.”

New Jerseyans in Freehold and beyond posted about the late-night earthquake on social media, checking to see if everyone else felt the same shaking.

At a press conference Wednesday, Gov. Phil Murphy called the earthquake the worst one to hit New Jersey in nine years.

According to Armbruster, a seismologist with Columbia’s Lamont Dougherty Earth Observatory,a magnitude 4 happens every 20-30 years in the region. The most recent centered in Ardsley, N.Y. in 1985.

A magnitude 5 is the strongest ever felt in the region, and it happens every 100 years or so. The last was in 1884. A magnitude 5 earthquake is long overdue and such a quake, were it to strike today, would result in severe damage and would likely cause fatalities.

The U.S. Geological Survey’s map shows the location of a small earthquake near Freehold Township and reports from those who felt the effects early Wednesday.U.S. Geological Survey

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