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Vikas Dubey,responsible for the death of 8 indian police men,killed in shootout

Vikas Dubey,a man described as one of the most notorious criminals in Uttar Pradesh,was shot dead by police during a retaliation. Dubey grabbed an officer’s revolver and tried to flee,while shooting at police officers,after the car he was being transported in overturned,while transporting him to Kanpur

He had been on the run for nearly a week after killing eight policemen in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, and had just given himself up in the central town of Ujjain on Thursday.

The car Dubey was being transported in

However,people have raised questions about the official account and are asking why a suspect who had reportedly surrendered would then attempt to escape and how he would be able to take an officer’s gun.

According to the New Delhi Television channel,police had stopped media cars following the police convoy on the highway half an hour before Dubey was killed.

Police said he was arrested in a dramatic manner from a temple complex in Madhya Pradesh. But opposition parties said Dubey chose to publicly surrender at the temple after successfully escaping arrest for more than a week.

Police in India have been accused of using excessive force in many occasions. A report last month by a New Delhi rights group, the National Campaign Against Torture, said at least 1,731 people died in custody during 2019, which means five custodial deaths a day.

About Vikas Dubey.

Dubey had more than 60 cases pending against him, including murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, arson, and rioting.

He allegedly killed local Bharatiya Janata Party leader, Santosh Shukla inside a police station in 2001 and was arrested but soon got released on bail,like in most cases against him

Dubey was said to have good political connections and connections in the police force.For instance,a local politician bailed him out once,and no case was registered against him, after he had been arrested for beating up some people in his village.Two police officers were arrested this week for allegedly tipping him off about a police raid on his home last Friday.

A group of armed men accompanied him everywhere he went, and witnesses against him often changed their testimonies or refused to appear in court.

Dubey even dabbled in politics as both he and his wife won local civil polls. A senior political reporter in Uttar Pradesh said his ambition was to become a state lawmaker, and he was trying to formally enter politics at the time of his death.


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