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Iran admits to accidentally shooting down Ukrainian plane.

Iran admits to shooting down  Ukrainian plane that crushed Wednesday immediately after take off. The crash came hours after Iran fired missiles at military bases housing US troops.

On Saturday morning an Iranian press release was made and they took full responsibility of the crush, making claims that they had targeted the plane unintentionally.  Apparently, the aircraft had come close to a sensitive IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps)  military center at an altitude and flight condition that resembled hostile targeting.

This  sparked a public outcry with many Anti-government protestants taking to the streets. Thousands of people gathered outside Amirkabir University,chanting against the regime and urging Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei to resign.

The Ukrainian government has promised to bring those responsible to justice, to compensate  and to make official apologies through diplomatic channels to those affected by the crush.

Investigations are still ongoing.


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