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Impact of YouTubers on Teenagers

A YouTuber uploads videos on a video-sharing website, YouTube. Teenagers are very smart consumers of media messages and content. Content may include misunderstood language and immorality relating to bullying, crime, and self-harm. Youths don’t just take on board anything they see on YouTube.According to a survey by Germany Newspaper, television is not a concern for children between the age group of 11-18 years. However, nine out of every ten people are on YouTube. YouTubers’ influence on teenagers can be positive or negative.

Encourages youths to develop critical thinking. At first, children may require guidance on how information on social media is relayed. Parents, as well as teachers, assist the youths in understanding and evaluation. The YouTuber encourages the child to ask questions. This helps the child think critically and sort facts from opinions. The popularity and reach of a video depending on the ability of the YouTubers’ attractiveness, creativity and the ability to entertain.

Celebrities and the way they use the media are a powerful influence on teenagers. Celebrities, in particular, have a certain behaviour product or lifestyle. The children can be attracted to the behaviour of the YouTubers.The ability to hear others talk can be so empowering. The youths may therefore imitate or take on the ideas of the YouTuber. An example is YouTuber Elise Euckland.

Promote Pseudo Experts and fake facts

Fake facts are a real threat to the ability of children to relate to others and make choices about the issues that affect them.YouTubers are approached by commercial sectors to promote the brand during advertisement regulated by the Advertising Standards Agency. Youth lack skills for assessment of the reliability of sources.

Teenagers need to be explained to that product endorsement is for financial gain.
Encourages business with the youth. Some media agencies take the YouTuber under contract. Big business comes with an advertisement that is linked to YouTube and channels. Michael Preston said, ” There is a lot more content by kids for kids that is deeply interesting them. Most of the YouTube content is coming right out of the kid’s bedroom. The kids act as YouTubers on their very own channels. The kids are involved in business and employment for advertisements that target teenagers. For example, if one does a commercial advertisement on the promotion of Cartoon Network programme kids will be the characters. The target audience is the kids thus the kids are involved in the business.

Development of negative behaviour among teens. Despite YouTube being a friendly platform for sharing messages, YouTubers have a negative influence on the behavior of young people. Youth develop negative behavior to the extent that police must intervene (Preece, 2017). The behavior is borrowed from harmful platforms in which children have access to possibly without the permission of the parent. What is overwhelming is the amount of time they engage with the YouTubers.It causes a psychological effect on teens today

YouTube gives the YouTuber a chance to film their life and give a biography. They could do a video of them cooking, fitness, and funny challenges thus giving the youth something to do when they are bored. The teens can watch videos of their choice at their own time helping them develop important life skills courtesy of the channel owner. People can earn money online learn through tutorials and make a living out of it as anyone can watch it anytime without worry.

We can get misinformed by YouTube and fail to realize. The person in the video doing the teaching might not be an expert thus does not guarantee the teen full grasp of the idea being talked about. Misinformation is something to keep in mind with the YouTuber. Videos on youtube do not go through professional approval unlike TV programs. The YouTuber uploads the videos minus approval. As a result it causes misinformation among adolescents.

Reshaping the way teens are dealing with depression and death. YouTuber Claire Wine land before her death said If you deal with death youre braver than the rest. She opposed the idea that one can “do death properly” (Court, 2018). Her attitude towards death helped shape views towards dying among millions of young viewers globally. Social media is becoming many people’s first introduction to ponder death. People share experience to offer advice and share messages of hope thus assist in contemplating death. They educate followers on different topics ranging from dealing with emotional stress, diagnosis, and how to get things and affairs in order. Young adults are turning to social media to get an insight on how to live with and coming into terms with emotional illness.

Study finds that YouTubers have a negative influence on children’s diet. A study has found that they a negative influence on children especially when it comes to diet. Social media stars are encouraging young adults to consume unhealthy food. Children eat a lot of junk food like cakes and takeaways. According to research kids who viewed unhealthy videos and photos consumed approximately five hundred calories. Researchers hope influencers will be more keen and responsible as they have earned a position of trust among young people.

Mastering the Art of Achieving Success in Online Content Creation

Young adults develop social and communication skills. The social aspect is one of the biggest positives YouTubers offer. Some teens struggle to communicate offline (May, 2017). It helps them develop their social skills as they think about their actions and find people they share a common interest. YouTubers offer a platform on which they interact with their age mates and make new friends. Opportunities for debates and conversations allow teenagers to discuss thus improving communication skills.

Teens can borrow many positives from YouTubers.It can have very real positive effects on teens, helping them improve their communication skills, reshape the way teens are Dealing with depression, encourages business with the youth, and help the youth develop critical thinking. We should encourage young adults to use social media responsibly as long as you are not seeing it have a negative influence on them.


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