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Mastering the Art of Achieving Success in Online Content Creation

When you are new, you are a total stranger to everyone regardless of your expertise in producing the best content.

Exposure makes trusting easy, and when two or three people learn about you in one Forum or another, your word slowly catches up like a bushfire.

You will not realize it. Time will come when clients will instead be knocking on your doorstep. On that day you will forget old days of going dry now and then.

On forums, learn to be active by commenting on other members post and sharing your content. If they like it, count yourself lucky as you will get clients from there as well.

Most bloggers and huge website owners hang around those forum joints to find answers and to fish for the best content writers. So, be careful what you post because potential clients could be eyeing you from a distant. Negative posting will influence your freelancing journey in the wrong way.

To emphasize this, always ensure whatever you contribute, comment, or post is of quality and no grammar mistakes. The quality of your content is the one that markets you, therefore, make it right.

Learn the Art of Proposal Creation

This is the pith/ epic/ core of every freelancer willing to experience a massive breakthrough.

This art is for those who want to take their portion from the source and not grabbing the leftovers down the tree.

Newbies struggle a lot to climb up the ladder of freelancing journey because big guys make it opaque for them.

I tell you, experts in this industry are doing this and raking big money. Probably, what I am talking about is not so much clear to you, but I will break it down for you.

For me, I do not advocate for joining content mills that ask you to bid to get clients to respond to you. These sites are good, and millions of freelancers look up to them as the only source.

This is for me…I cannot take you to the route I am not so comfortable with…

Yes, some will tell you these freelancers sites are there to help you master the art. I say a big NO. Once you join, you start chasing few projects posted there with other million freelancers hungry for those projects, and it becomes a norm.

If one day those sites shut down and God forbid, you lose because it does not build you. Whether they put stars to rank you depending on how many projects you have completed and positive responses threw at you by clients.

For me, I want you to focus on building yourself, your business, your company, your brand. With this, you are unstoppable, and with the same experience as a freelancer working on freelancing sites, you can command even $30,000 while they take $1000 at the end of the month.

Creating a beautiful proposal to reach out to business owners through cold pitching is one of a proven method I have seen big guys engage and win big. You should know as well.

Hang on this thought, I will deeply dwell on the topic to show you how to Pitch professionally and command high rates while still new on the block.

You will learn how to connect the dots fast along with your freelancing journey to a real professional.

Forget the stories you have been told online it is only applicable to those who have accumulated enough experience.

So, in the meantime let your focus be on how to persuade a client to accept your lyrical tune. Once they do that, you are the King and only you calling the shots.

Spread Your Freelancing Journey Map On Social Media

Never ignore to utilize social media, as today all superhighways lead the masses there. Therefore, you have to tap into this vast source to build your online freelancing journey.

You can never follow this path and go wrong. So, build a platform on those different social media and let your work shout the loudest from there. After that, the other thing you will do is make your effort to reach out consistent.

Don’t stop at doing it for 1, 2, or 3 months. Continue telling everyone what you do and why you do it, and before long you will see a bunch of them following you.

Consistency sharing and linking your published work is irresistible. Though it happens if you give them quality content to digest. Building a strong and lasting online freelancing journey which has a focused destiny will attract a serious audience that sees a visionary person in you.

Everyday be committed to be better, improve your writing, be consistent, and share your all with social media. That is the best and fastest way to have your name out there without paying anybody to help you do that.

Take a Course

I know this makes you feel like you want to stop reading ahead. You can invest in a course if you think online freelancing is your call.

You know, many people wonder, why would you ask a newbie to spend money, yet they are looking for that cash. You cannot do this the other way round. Some will say, “Why don’t you let me earn first then pay for a course” please never buy this lie.

Many are stuck because of a cycle of lies they entangle themselves with. Right now, my freelancing journey stretch, I have accumulated several courses, and that is not to say, I am not a qualified freelancer. It means I want to be the best every day and therefore, I must stay fresh with the latest stuff I am not very good.

It is advisable even as the dollars come in; you take courses to make you the best freelancer ever. You can do this after every six months or yearly.

Learning never ends, so, take a course to stay fresh and ahead of others. Take care of your freelancing, and it will take care of you.

I can’t stress out further; if you follow the list above step by step, no one will even believe that someday you were a newbie. Write your freelancing journey history today.


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