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The Bikini Hiker – Gigi Wu Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Nationality, Taiwanese Hiker, Death and Cause

Gigi Wu -The Bikini Hiker Freezes to Death after Plunging Accidentally on Saturday, Jan. 19th

Gigi Wu Bio, WIki

Gigi Wu Age: 36 years old as at the time of her death

Gigi Wu Nationality: Taiwanese

Gigi Wu Family: No Family information Available

Gigi Wu Net Worth: Her Net Worth was not on record as at the time of her death

Gigi Wu -The Bikini Hiker Freezes to Death after Plunging Accidently

Gigi Wu was a 36 years old Taiwanese woman known for hiking mountains wearing only a bikini who was found frozen to death in a national park on Monday, January 21st.

Gigi Wu who called herself ‘The Bikini Hiker’ when posting about her climbs on social media, had embarked on a solo hike through Yushan National Park.

More than a week after setting off, she called a friend on a satellite phone and said she had fallen down a ravine on Saturday, 20th.

Black Hawk helicopters were scrambled to save her high, however poor weather conditions prevented them from taking off and Wu was found 28 hours later frozen to death.

In a message to be passed on to the Nantou fire service, Wu revealed she had stumbled more than 65 ft into a narrow gorge while trying to ascend Taiwan’s highest peak. Gigi Wu, 36, is known for hiking in bikinis and has a large social media following on Facebook and Instagram.

The island’s National Airborne Service Corps said it attempted to dispatch Black Hawk rescue helicopters to her location on three separate occasions, but the flights were ultimately grounded due to poor weather conditions.

Wu stated that she was trapped at the bottom and unable to move due to the injuries sustained during the fall.

Good Wei's one in the jade south peak (Jade mountain vaguely visible)
Gigi Wu at Good Wei’s one in the jade south peak
(Jade mountain vaguely visible)

They finally decided to send in two search and rescue parties comprising three members each from the Nantou County Government Fire Station. Wu’s body was found at the location of her distress beacon.

Rescuers say they are still waiting for stable weather in which to airlift Wu’s body out the narrow gully, with the search party had since set up camp near the site of the accident.

Commander Lin Cheng-I, who heads up the County Fire Department’s Third Squadron, revealed Wu’s distress beacon was activated at an altitude of 5,577 ft above sea level, where night-time temperatures reached just 2C.

Gigi Wu Cause of Death

Chang speculated she may have died of hypothermia.

Gigi Wu Facebook, Instagram

Wu had a large following on social media where she often posted stunning photos of herself wearing bikinis on Facebook and Instagram scaling Taiwan’s highest peaks.


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