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Charlotte Kirk Bio, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Sex Scandal Involving Kevin Tsujihara, Instagram, Twitter, Acting and Music Career

Charlotte Kirk alleged to be involved with a Sex Scandal with Kevin Tsujihara, Chairman of Warner Brothers

Charlotte Kirk Bio, Wiki

Age: 25-30 Years old

Born: Kent, United Kingdom

Occupation: Actress

Height: 1.73 m

Charlotte Kirk was born in Kent, England. Her passion for acting sparked at the age of 11 when she saw Gone with the Wind for the first time and fell in love with both the stage and screen alike. She is at the center of a sex scandal involving Kevin Tsujihara (chairman of Warner Bros Pictures stepped down on March 18th, 2019),  James Packer ( an Australian billionaire), and disgraced director Brett Ratner. The shocking allegations came as part of a Hollywood Reporter feature that was published on March 6th, 2018.

Charlotte Kirk Education

Charlotte attended the prestigious Italia Conti School of Acting in London, her skills were further refined working with Jigsaw Performing Arts in the UK and Susan Batson and Lee Strasberg in New York City.

Charlotte Kirk Acting Career

Charlotte Kirk initial acting roles were in theatre where she performed in Greek tragedies ‘Agamemnon’ and ‘Arturo Ui’, along with plays such as ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘Oliver Twist’, and ‘Hairspray’.

In early 2015, Charlotte landed a starring role in ‘Vice’, (Lionsgate 2016) a sci-fi thriller, opposite Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane. She has completed seven feature films since, including the female lead opposite Stephen Baldwin in film-noir comedy ‘No Panic with a Hint of Hysteria’ (Dir. Tomasz Szafranski), the female lead in psychological drama ‘The Depths’ (award winner at 7 film festivals), alongside appearances in ‘How To Be Single’ (Warner Bros 2017) and ‘Ocean’s 8’ (Dir. Gary Ross, Warner Bros. 2018) opposite Sandra Bullock.

Charlotte Kirk Music Career

Charlotte also enjoys singing and has released two music videos ‘Eyes in Love’ and ‘I Get the Feeling Again’, and performed the end title track for ‘No Panic with a Hint of Hysteria’

In December 2016 interview with AXS, Kirk said about her music career that she decided to focus on acting despite “music always being a part of [her] life.” In the same interview, Kirk said that her second song, “Eyes in Love,” was “an ethereal ballad which is based on a poem my boyfriend wrote me for my birthday.”

Charlotte Kirk Nicole and O.J

Charlotte is a cast in the controversial conspiracy drama ‘Nicole and O.J.’ (Dir. Joshua Newton) in which she plays the title role of Nicole Brown Simpson. The drama film is due for release in March 2019.

Charlotte Kirk “The Reckoning”

The Wrap reported in October 2018 that MoviePass films at greenlit “The Reckoning,” a 17th-century English-set horror movie. The article says that Kirk is signed on to play the lead, in addition to co-writing and producing the film.

The plot will see Kirk’s character, Evelyn Haverstock, being haunted by the suicide of her husband in 1665. After her landlord, Squire Pendleton’s, advances, he openly accuses her of being a witch. “Hellboy’s” Neil Marshall is signed on to direct. The Wrap says that filming was set to being in Wales in January 2019.

Charlotte Kirk Alleged Sex Scandal with Kevin Tsujihara

The Hollywood Reporter on March 6th, 2019 featured an article which alleges that Charlotte Kirk is at the center of a sex scandal involving Kevin Tsujihara (the former chairman Warner Bros Pictures stepped down on March 18th, 2019),  James Packer ( an Australian billionaire), and disgraced director Brett Ratner.

The magazine alleges that Tsujihara promised Kirk acting roles in exchange for sex. WarnerMedia has said in a statement that they will look into the allegations. While Kirk has said that the story is untrue and that although she had a romantic relationship with Packer, it ended consensually and the two remain on good terms. Kirk said that Ratner’s helping her with her career was to do with friendship and nothing else. Tsujihara’s attorney released a statement saying that the CEO “did not have a direct role in the actress being cast in any movie.”

After Warner Bros. announced Chairman and CEO Kevin Tsujihara will step down at the company, actress Charlotte Kirk, who allegedly had engaged in an inappropriate relationship with him years ago, spoke out.

“I am deeply saddened to hear the news of Kevin Tsujihara stepping down at Warners,” Kirk told Fox News in a statement on Monday. “Our relationship ended many years ago. The release of the story by The Hollywood Reporter was nothing to do with me.”

Charlotte Kirk Instagram

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