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British Airways and other airlines suspends all flights to China

Owing to the coronovirus outbreak, airlines based in North America, Europe and Asia are canceling flights to China.  British Airways, United Airlines, American Airlines, Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, Air India, IndiGo, Lufthansa and Finnair have announced plans to slash the number of flights they are operating to China or stop flying to the country entirely, as the deadly virus continues to spread.

British Airways, which is owned by International Airlines Group, suspended all flights between Britain and  China until January 31, but are not available for online booking through February 29. Passengers can however still book flights to mainland China via connections in cities like Hong Kong. The carrier operates two daily direct flights from London to China — one to Beijing (PKX) and one to Shanghai (PVG).
This decision comes a day after United Airlines reduced its schedule between the United States and three cities in China from February 1 to February 8, due to a “significant decline in demand”.
In Hong Kong, the authorities have reduced the number of flights coming into the region from mainland China and have also shut down rail services to the mainland. Hong Kong’s flagship carrier, Cathay Pacific, has also suspended all flights to and from Wuhan through March
As of now:
  • Nearly 6000 cases have reported
  • 132 people have died from the virus. The previous count on Tuesday was 106. The number of deaths could be higher
  • Thailand has reported 14 cases of infection; Hong Kong has 10; the United States, Taiwan, Australia and Macau have 5 each; Singapore, South Korea, France and Malaysia each have reported 4; Japan has seven; Canada has 3; Vietnam has 2; and Nepal, Cambodia, Germany and the United Arab Emirates have one each.
  • Cases recorded in Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam and Japan involved patients who had not been to China.
  • There have been no reported deaths outside China.


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