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Coronavirus could be here to stay

As various countries are ready to resume their daily lives and save the crippling economy, World Health Organization has said that the coronavirus may be here to stay.

“This virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities and this virus may never go away,” Michael Ryan, the WHO’s emergencies director, told a virtual press conference in Geneva. “HIV has not gone away,but we have come to terms with the virus,” he added.

However, WHO says there is no guarantee whether lifting the lockdown will start a fresh wave of coronavirus or not.For instance,after partially lifting their lockdown restrictions last week,Italy saw a rise in coronavirus cases. Pakistan also reported 2000 new infections in a single day after restrictions were eased.

As the risks are clearly  high, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus still wants countries to be on a high alert against the virus.

Despite the risk of infection spikes once restrictions have been loosened, European nations have been seeking to restart cross-border travel as the summer holiday season is close,especially for countries whose economies rely on tourism.

Austria wants to fully reopen its border with Germany on June 15, and reduce border checks starting Friday. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Austria was aiming for similar agreements with Switzerland, Liechtenstein and its eastern neighbors “as long as the infection figures allow.”

German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass said his country will lift a blanket warning against foreign travel for European destinations before other places, but didn’t specify when.Germany’s warning against all non-essential tourist travel abroad runs until at least June 14

European countries have begun slowly easing their lockdowns, from barber shops reopening next week in Belgium to some schools starting up again soon in Portugal, but safety rules are being put in place.


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