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Fantastic beast actor,Ezzra Miller, appears to be chocking woman in viral video

A viral video appears to show Fantastic Beasts actor Ezra Miller choking a woman and throwing her to the ground.The incident took place around 6 p.m. on April 1 at Prikið Kaffihús, a trendy bar in central Reykjavik

The original video has since been deleted from social media but another video was reposted and it widely circulated on Sunday.Many people on social media have however questioned the legitimacy of it,although according to a source at the bar, the incident wasn’t a joke as Miller was escorted out of the bar by staff. Police were not called.

The seven-second video shows a man saying, ”Oh, you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?” to a young woman, who appears to be jokingly preparing herself for a fight and is smiling.

Miller then grabs the girl by the throat, and throws her to the ground. At this point, the person filming says, “Woah, bro. Bro,” and stops shooting, with the footage ending abruptly.

Miller has not yet commented on the incident, and a representative for the actor and Warner Bros., which produces Fantastic Beasts, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.



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