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Woman killed in shark attack off Maine Coast identified

Officials identified the woman who died following a shark attack off the shore of Bailey Island in Harpswell, Maine on Monday afternoon,as 63 year old Julie Dimperio Holawach from New York.

According to a witness report,Julie had been swimming off the shore near White Sails Lane when the attack happened. Nearby kayakers rushed over and brought her to shore but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

There has only been one other reported shark attack in Maine that happened in 2010 according to a global database on shark attacks and the diver was not hurt.

Dr. James Sulikowski from Arizona State University,who is an expert on sharks in New England,called the attack “surprising and shocking,”adding that sharks could be spreading north from Cape Cod in search of food as Maine has a large seal population.

Sulikowski also said a seal was killed by an apparent shark bite in Phippsburg on Sunday,that could be at least 11 feet long based on the bite on the seal.


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