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Anthony Sampieri sentenced to life

Judge Paul Colon sentenced Anthony Sampieri 56, to life in prison, for the brutal attack and sexual assault of a 7 years old in 2018. He pleaded guilty to 10 rape charges,including 3 counts of having sexual intercourse with a child and seven charges related to sexually explicit and harassing phone calls to women.

Calling himself “Ron”, Sampieri is believed to have followed at least one of the women home and, fearing that he was a sex pervert ,she called police. In one phone call, Sampieri asked a woman: “Can I stick my tongue in your a*****e?”. In another call to a separate woman, Sampieri was offensive and used graphic language as he described the lewd sex act he wanted to perform on her.

On November 2018,Sampieri had been out on parole after serving five years of a seven-year sentence for raping a 60-year-old woman at knife point in his Illawarra home in 2012 . High on ice, he wandered into the Kogarah dance studio and grabbed the young 7 year old.

He punched her in the face,threatened her with a knife, tied a cord around her neck and then raped her in the men’s toilet cubicle for 40 minutes. He later proceeded to restrain the girls hands to give himself time to escape.  He is also  said to have filmed at least four and a half minutes of the ordeal on his phone.

Male cubicle where Sampieri is said to have raped the 7 year old

The girl was rescued by parents attending a class down the hall after they bashed down the door. During the rescue,Sampieri attacked them with a knife,and managed to cut the victim’s mother’s hand as she tried to pry her bound daughter away from him. Nick Gilio,a parent to a another child who goes to the studio was also stubbed in the stomach and the neck, during the scuffle.

During his trial,notes from the psychiatrist who assessed Sampieri say that he could not remember the assault. The convicted pedophile apologized for the attack and blamed his actions on the drugs he was on.

In connection to this incident, 31-year-old Andrew Michael Bruce, a NSW Police senior constable, was charged in April with four counts of neglect of duty. It is alleged that on October last year a woman filed a complaint at St George police station about an offensive call from Sampieli leading to his summoning to the station for an interview.

Constable Bruce allegedly did a search for Sampieri’s name in the system and discovered it was red flagged because he was on parole but did not bother to obtain his criminal history or pass it on to community corrections,leaving Sampieri to walk free that day, despite breaching his parole.This  was a few weeks before the rape attack.

Bruce has pleaded not guilty to all four counts of neglect of duty and is currently suspended with pay.His   case will return to court on August 8.

Sampieri’s 25-year-old son Daniel told The Daily Telegraph his father was “beyond saving” and “better off dead”. “I hope he feels for what he’s done, but he’s beyond saving .He’s been abusing heroin and ice too long,” he said “There’s no cure for someone like that. He’s better off dead, and the quicker he dies in jail the better.”

Anthony Sampieri’s son

Sampieri is being treated for liver cancer and is being held in isolation at Long Bay Prison Hospital. At a sentencing hearing on Friday he was asked if doctors would cure him but he said he didn’t think it was possible.



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