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Lauren Sanchez reportedly sent her brother leaked text messages

According to the wall street journal US prosecutors have obtained evidence indicating that Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, sent her brother ,Michael Sanchez, text messages that were later published in the National Enquirer’s expose on their affair.

The text messages are part of evidence gathered by federal prosecutors in Manhattan as they investigate whether the National Enquirer’s publisher, American Media Inc. (AMI), tried to extort Bezos. They include a flirtatious message and shirtless photo of Bezos.


The Journal’s reports comes as a controversy is raging over allegations that Bezos’ phone might have been hacked by Saudis crown prince,Mohammad Bin Salman. American Media, owner of the National Enquirer, has however  maintained that it received information about the affair from Michael Sanchez and not from Saudi Arabia.

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