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Who is Michael Sanchez? Lauren Sanchez Brother Bio, Wiki, Age, Career, Gay, Husband (Casey Ashby), Leaked Messages

Michael Sanchez Leaked Text Messages Between his sister Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos

Michael Sanchez Bio, Wiki, Age

Michael Sanchez Siblings: Lauren Sanchez and  Elena Sanchez Blair

Michael Sanchez Husband: Michael Sanchez

Michael Sanchez Leaked Text Messages Between his sister Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos 

Michael Sanchez is a talent manager and the brother of Lauren Sanchez, a former news anchor romantically linked to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Their relationship became public knowledge in early January 2019, after leaked text messages between the two were published by the National Enquirer. Both of them are still legally married to their respective spouses.

Jeff Bezos opened his own investigation into how the tabloid gained access to his text messages. The person in charge of that probe, Gavin de Becker, told the Daily Beast that “Michael Sanchez has been among the people we’ve been speaking with and looking at.” It’s important to note that de Becker did not accuse Sanchez of anything; he merely confirmed he had spoken with Sanchez.

As of February 10th, 2019 de Becker had finished the investigation but did not reveal his findings. The Daily Beast, however, cited unnamed sources within American Media Inc, which owns the National Enquirer, as saying that Michael Sanchez had provided the text messages.

Michael Sanchez is a Trump Supporter

Michael Sanchez is a strong support of President Trump. Sanchez has frequently come to the president’s defense on Twitter. He has posted several times about CNN, describing the network’s coverage as “fake news” and slamming them as “dishonest divisive dunces.” Sanchez has also referred to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation as a witch hunt.

Michael Sanchez Career

Sanchez worked for MTV as Director of Sales & Marketing in New York City from 1999 until 2004. He is currently a Talent Manager/Producer for Axis Management. He is also the founding Partner of Double Tap Media, a film and TV production company.

Michael Sanchez Relations with Sister Lauren Sanchez

Michael Sanchez appears to have a close relationship with his sister, Lauren as per his Facebook photos. In a picture of the two of them posted on September 30th, 2018, he included the caption, “Celebrating life with my best friend since birth…” Sanchez has since made his Facebook page private.

In 2006, when Lauren and her husband Patrick Whitesell were welcoming a baby boy, it was Sanchez who was entrusted to share the news publicly. He confirmed to People that the baby looked like his father and that Lauren and Patrick were “absolutely thrilled” at the birth of their son.

Michael Sanchez other Sister

Michael and Lauren also have another sister, Elena Sanchez Blair. She is a photographer in Seattle, according to her Facebook page.

Michael Sanchez Husband (Casey Ashby), Gay

As from November 2011, Michael Sanchez has been married to husband Casey Ashby. They met in 2006 and tied the knot in a ceremony on the beach in Los Cabos, Mexico, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

His husband, Ashby works in the fashion industry, as a Gucci store director. The couple lives in Hollywood, according to Sanchez’s Twitter profile.


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