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Nicholas Sandmann Bio, Wiki, Age, Mother, Father, Statement, Covington Catholic High School Student, Nathan Phillips Harasser

Covington Catholic High School Student, Nicholas Sandmann Statement

Nicholas Sandmann Bio, Wiki

Age: He has been described as an Under 18 Years old boy

Education: Covington Catholic High School boys

Mother: Julie Sandmann

Father: Ted Sandmann

Political Party: Republican

Nicholas Sandmann Biography

Nicholas Sandmann is the white teenager from the Kentucky Catholic school wearing a Make America Great Again who is seen taunting a Native American elder, Vietnam veteran Nathan Phillips, while he was surrounded by laughing and jeering classmates. Many of his classmates were also wearing pro-Trump MAGA gear. He has been described as an under 18 years old kid.

Vietnam Veteran – Nathan Phillips Bio, Wiki, Age, Daughter, Mocked by Covington Catholic School Boys

Nicholas Sandmann released a statement about his involvement in the incident at the Lincoln Memorial Friday, Janaury18th, 2019.

Nicholas Sandmann Twitter

Nicholas Sandmann has a Twitter account which he has since made private.

Tweeps found images of Nicholas Sandmann. One user posted “This person sure does look like Nicholas Sandmann from Covington Catholic High School.”

Nicholas Sandmann Full Statement

Nicholas Sandmann Statement by on Scribd

Nicholas Sandmann Mother

Nicholas Sandmann mother is Julie Weis Sandmann. She been the vice president of Relationship Management at Fidelity Investments since 2015 and began her career with Fidelity in 1999 but spent several years in between as a client manager at Paycor. She has already come our clearly terming the  Covington Catholic incident as Fake News.

Julie is a graduate of Morehead State University and earned her MBA at Xavier University School Of Business Administration.

Nicholas Sandmann Father

The teen’s father is Ted Sandmann who works as a sales manager for a VT Hackney, a specialty truck body design and manufacturing company.

  1. Chris says

    I want to describe you as a word that rhymes with nick. And tick!
    But unfortunately you are a minor, so I will not.
    How dare you disrespect an elder practicing his faith. You are attending a Catholic High School.
    How dare you?! Are you not paying any attention in school?!
    Maybe one day someone will treat you disrespectfully in public as you have this respected elder.
    Maybe someone will come to your rescue, to defend you. Maybe not. Hopefully not.
    That way you will understand how you may have made a respected elder feel.
    How you made another person feel.
    Can’t blame your Catholic school for your behavior. Or can I?
    You should be ashamed of yourself. Does your school teach you what being shameful and/or having class?
    If they do….you must not be paying attention. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tracey says

      No, shame on you.Watch the WHOLE story, Catholic hater. This kid was scared to death. You can always delete and apologize. Speaking of “ticks”….

  2. Ren Ostertag says

    That one that should be ashamed is you “Chris”, you POE! Stay away from a child. A 14-year-old is protected by law anywhere. Even the attempt to go near such a child is an indictable offence. So hands-off this kid and keep your filthy word-hole shut you POE as far as this kid or any other kid is concerned. Reserve your excrement for this old, drug-addled, lowlife liar !!

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