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Richard Knapp (Linked to 1994 murder of Audrey Hoellein) Bio, Wiki, Age, Previous Conviction

Richard Knapp Linked to 1994 murder of Audrey Hoellein

Richard Knapp Bio, Wiki

Richard Knapp is a 57-year-old man who was arrested in Vancouver, Washington on a 25-year-old murder charge on May 1st, 2019. Vancouver police took Knapp into custody and booked him into the Clark County Jail. Authorities said DNA evidence linked Knapp to the 1994 murder of Audrey Hoellein. Hoellein was 25 years old and the mother of a five-year-old son when she was found dead in her apartment. According to the police, she was likely raped and then murdered. The case remained unsolved for decades. But now, police say new forensic evidence points to Richard Knapp. Here’s what you need to know.

Richard Knapp Age

He is currently 57 years old.

Richard Knapp Linked to 1994 murder of Audrey Hoellein

In 1994 police suspected Richard Knapp for the murder of Audrey Hoellein, though they did not have any evidence directly linking him to the crime. They also didn’t have Knapp’s DNA. So officers carried out constant surveillance of Knapp for months, watching him at his workplace near Portland International Airport. The investigative team eventually grabbed a cigarette butt that Knapp tossed out. The cigarette enabled them to recover a sample of Knapp’s DNA from the cigarette butt, and investigators confirmed that it matched the DNA which had been found at the crime scene.

That’s when police arrested Knapp and charged him with first and second-degree murder of a woman in Vancouver a quarter-century ago. The 26-year-old Audrey Hoellein was found dead in her bed at the Family Tree Apartments in Vancouver on July 17, 1994. Authorities said at the time that she had been raped and then strangled to death.

Richard Knapp Convicted of raping a woman in 1986

Richard Knapp was convicted of raping a woman in Clark County, Oregon 1986. He is also alleged to have strangled and choked that victim until she was nearly unconscious.  Knapp was ordered to provide police with a sample of his DNA to be kept on the record as a part of his conviction. But the sample was never put into the database of DNA and was eventually lost during an error in 2000. That meant that when Knapp came under suspicion for the 1994 murder and rape of Audrey Hoellein in Vancouver, police didn’t have a sample of his DNA to compare to the DNA at the crime scene.

After working with a private DNA lab in 2018, Vancouver police created a composite image of what the likely killer of Audrey Hoellein looked like. The lab was able to take DNA from the crime scene and create a 1994 picture of what the killer looked like and at present. Police suspected Richard Knapp but had no evidence. That’s when they decided to trail him. Eventually, they managed to grab one of his tossed-away cigarette butts and gather his DNA, which matched the DNA at the crime scene.

Knapp was convicted of third-degree rape in 1986. After his conviction, he was sentenced to 12 months in jail. But according to court records, Knapp spent just 60 days in prison. He was ordered to go through an alcohol treatment program. After violating the terms of that agreement, Knapp went back into treatment and completed his sentence in December 1997.

Richard Knapp Victim’s Son is now 30 years Old.

Audrey Hoellein died when she was a 26 year old with a five-year-old son. Her son is currently 30 years old and has a child of his own. Hoellein’s family described her as a devoted mother who would do anything for her son. Audrey’s brother, Marty, said: “The love of her life was her son, she was just the best mom, the nicest, most caring person you could imagine.”

Richard Knapp court Appearance

Knapp made his first court appearance on May 1 and is due back in court on May 24th. His bail has been set at $1 million.



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