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Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bündchen and his kids cheer him in Buccaneers jerseys ‘Lets go bucs’

Gisele Bündchen and Her Kids Cheer on Tom Brady from Home in Buccaneers Jerseys: 'Let's Go Papa!'

Gisele Bündchen cheers on Tom Brady in Bucs jersey with their kids

Tom Brady has his own personal cheerleaders! On Sunday, the 40-year-old supermodel posted a cute video of herself wearing Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey as she and the couple’s two kids, son Benjamin and daughter Vivian, cheered on the 43-year-old quarterback from home.

In the sweet clip, Bündchen, 40, is seen with 7-year-old daughter Vivian Lake and 10-year-old son Benjamin as the group roots for the quarterback’s newest NFL team.

Each family member is wearing a Buccaneer’s jersey featuring Brady’s number as they showed off their moves while seemingly watching the game from home.

“Let’s go Bucs, let’s go papai!!!!” Bündchen captioned the Instagram clip. Bündchen pumped her fist in the air for the quick clip as Vivan hopped from side to side and Benjamin swung his arms back and forth.

It appears Bündchen has the magic touch as Brady and the Buccaneers are currently rolling over the Carolina Panthers, 21-0, in the second quarter. The quarterback has one touchdown for the day so far.

Brady’s highly anticipated debut with the Buccaneers last Sunday was anything but smooth, as he finished with 239 yards for two touchdowns and two interceptions. Tampa Bay’s head coach, Bruce Arians, later chewed out Brady over his performance.

Given Sunday’s game thus far, it appears Brady isn’t looking to repeat Week 1’s dud against the New Orleans Saints.



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