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Who is Kyra Haley? : Woman fatally shot in her home sought protection order from husband last month

Woman fatally shot in her home sought protection order from husband last month: court records

Woman fatally shot in her home sought protection order from husband last month: court records

A Pennsylvania woman allegedly killed by her husband was planning to leave him — seeking a protection from abuse order last month, court records show. Kyra Haley, 24, was granted an order evicting her 26-year-old husband, Dallas Haley, from their Harrisburg home, but she later called court officials to get them to drop it ahead of a Sept. 16 hearing.

Kyra Haley had to grow up without a mother after losing her to a form of heart disease when she was just 12 years old. So when Kyra eventually had children of her own, she made them her top priority. Keeping her family together was important to Kyra, even as she struggled against domestic abuse, friends and family say.

“I know she just wanted what the three of us always did,” said Kori Seiler, Kyra’s sister, and one of three siblings who lost their mom. “To have a family and keep it whole.”

But Haley’s devotion wasn’t rewarded. Instead, police say, her husband fatally shot her about 1:45 a.m. Oct. 20 in their home in the 2900 block of Rumson Drive. Police charged Dallas Haley, 26, with criminal homicide after they say he confessed to owning a gun and shooting Kyra. He remains in jail.

As it turns out, Kyra Haley had been considering leaving her husband in recent months, according to court records. Victim advocates say that can be the most dangerous time in an abusive relationship.

Kyra told a cousin in April that she was tired of the arguments, abuse, and accusations from her unemployed husband. “I don’t know what to do,” she wrote in a text message, shared with PennLive by Seiler. “He will literally tell me he’ll kill me and my kids if I ever try to leave.”

Kyra Haley sought protection from abuse order last month from her husband, who previously had been convicted twice of assault for abusing her.
Dallas Haley allegedly punched their closet door on Sept. 3, breaking the glass and leaving shards everywhere, according to the petition for the order. “He said he would do the same thing to me,” Kyra wrote in the petition. “I don’t feel safe with him.”

The pair married in February 2016 and abuse in their relationship began that fall, court records show. Dallas Haley was twice charged with assault for incidents in September and November 2016, the latter of which Kyra told police Dallas threatened to assault her and “put her in the hospital” if she didn’t help him find his Xanax, PennLive.com reported.

Dallas Haley spent about a month in jail after each assault and a judge ultimately gave him one year of probation in each case, according to the outlet.

Haley was again placed on probation last month after being convicted of trying to buy a shotgun last year without disclosing his previous domestic violence convictions. He pleaded guilty on Sept. 14, just days after his wife dropped the protection from abuse order against him.

Investigators have not indicated what firearm was used in Kyra’s slaying, but Dallas Haley was barred from having them as a condition of his guilty plea, PennLive.com reported



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