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US 2018 Thanksgiving; Date, Carolina Hurricanes, Facts to Note

As most of the people across the Carolinas and along the east coast are planning for their Thanksgiving which will be on 22nd November 2018, it has been noticed that the hurricane season is far from over. Usually, the Atlantic hurricane does not end until November 30th. The national hurricane center forecasters have confirmed that it can turn into a tropical depression or tropical storm shortly.

Hurricane center forecasters have called it a vigorous tropical wave; they further said that there is 50 percent of such hurricane developing into the violent storm in the next five days. It’s evident that shower and thunderstorm activities have increased and become more concentrated this morning and environmental conditions are projected to slowly grow more conducive for the development of a tropical storm in the next two days according to the hurricane center. Furthermore, the system is still far from the east coast, and it will continue moving west to northwest toward Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.
According to the weather channel, a cold front will likely have a head of the tropical system as it approaches the east coast and pushes it off back into Atlantic.

It has remembered that the Carolinas are still recovering from hurricanes Florence and Michael, which brought flooding from the Coast Mountains and caused damage and loss of billions of dollars in North and south Carolina. According to moody analytics, the destruction and disruptions from hurricane Florence caused damage of almost 22 billion US dollars. Since 1851 according to weather underground, the latest was hurricane kate in 1985 that became category three storm after hitting the Florida panhandle.

According to national hurricane center notes, concerning accumulated cyclone energy (ACE), which measures the combined strength and duration of tropical storms and hurricanes, activity in the Atlantic basin thus far 2018 it has been above average. This season has already had seven systems that were subtropical at some point in their lifetime that eclipses the previous record of five back in 1969.


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